MyChart & Bill Pay

Pay Your Bill Online with MyPay (for dates of service before April 1, 2019).

Pay Your Bill Online with MyChart (for dates of service after April 1, 2019).

MyChart Patient Portal

MyChart For Children Ages 0-11
MyChart proxy access gives parents and legal guardians access to information for children under age 18. Through proxy access, parents and legal guardians can keep track of vaccination records, growth charts, diagnoses, and medical instructions, as well as communicate with a child’s care team. To request access to a child’s record (age 0-11), please complete this form: MyChart Proxy Application for Minor Patients Ages 0-11 Years

MyChart For Children Ages 12-17
Due to legal considerations, proxy access for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years requires the consent of the teen along with the teen’s primary or long term care provider. Privacy concerns may prevent some teenagers from seeking health care. The teen and their care provider can discuss proxy access to determine if it is in the best interest of the teen to share their medical record with others. A teen will need his/her own email address to create an account. Once the teen’s account has been created, proxy access to requested by the parent. To request access to a child’s record, please complete the this form: MyChart Proxy Application for Adolescent Patients Ages 12-17 Years

For questions about MyChart and access to your child’s information, please see our FAQs